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Facebook Joseph Wayne McVey (born January 19, 1977), better known by his stage name Z-Ro, is an American rapper from Houston, Texas. He was named one of America's most underrated rappers by the New York Times. via Wikipedia

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Z-Ro lyrics quotes

26th Oct 2012
"All I need is a pair of wings, I be willing to fly
Trying to get a piece of the pie and ain't I taking I work for it
I be doing right, but I'm being punished on earth for it

What else can I do, to make it on this scene?
Seem like whatever I do, will get me up in prison
Never see me on the corner,..."
Z-Ro lyrics
30th Dec 2013
"You make me want to change my number
You make me want to move out of state
Make me want to paint my car a different color
You make me want to get new plates
Make me want to pay 'hood bitches to jump you
You make me want to wear dark shades
You got me trying to hide around corners
I wish you..."
Z-Ro lyrics