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Facebook Y Kant Tori Read was a 1980s synthpop band, fronted by singer-songwriter Tori Amos. The band released one album, also called Y Kant Tori Read, which was largely unsuccessful; Atlantic Records abandoned promoting the record completely after only two months of release. The band originally consisted of Amos, Steve Caton, Matt Sorum (later of Guns N' Roses), and bassist Brad Cobb. They worked with record producer Joe Chiccarelli, and Kim Bullard, later of Kajagoogoo. The name comes from an incident in Amos' childhood where she was asked to leave the Peabody Conservatory because she refused to read sheet music.

A music video for their song "The Big Picture" was made, but the only member of the band featured was Amos, since by then, unable to withstand pressure from Atlantic Records, she had jettisoned the rest of them with the exception of Steve Caton.
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