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Facebook Jermaine Scott Sinclair (born 9 March 1985), better known by his stage name Wretch 32 (three-two), is an English rapper and former Grime MC from Tottenham, London where he grew up the son of a local reggae DJ in the Tiverton Estate. He was a member of the grime collective "Combination Chain Gang", before forming The Movement with Scorcher, Ghetts, and Mercston. Wretch released his first single "Traktor" in January 2011.

2009 Mp3 Music Awards announced that Wretch 32 was nominated for an Mp3 Award alongside Chipmunk and Haringey Independent and Channel U / Channel AKA published the story.
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Wretch 32 lyrics quotes

9th Jan 2013
"Hoods on in the restaurant, elbows on the table
Got my Stan Smiths on and my trousers down low
I storm in, make it rainfalls"
Wretch 32 lyrics
18th Jan 2013
"She said I'm a hot male, she wants to login
That's the type of e-mail that I've been getting too often"
Wretch 32 lyrics
23rd Jan 2013
"So violent, so violent, you talk shit, we riot
I bought it, supplied it, it don't take no psychic"
Wretch 32 lyrics