Can someone please explain why we let these people win.

T.W.i.N.S - Republic of Banana lyrics meaning


T.W.i.N.S's official lyric explanation

That is the Conservative Government and the aforementioned Boris Johnson. I don’t know how he keeps coming into power. I think some people think it’s quite funny to have that kind of character there because he’s a bit of a buffoon. I think he, kind of, makes for good viewing to some morons.

But the reality is he’s fucking things up for people and also the Government in power, at the moment, are doing just the same thing.

So, I would like someone to explain why he keeps coming to power - and thankfully he can’t come into power again. I’m wondering who would step in. I know that Eddie Izzard is looking to go for it. I don’t know if he’ll make it for this one but it will be quite interesting to see if the mayor of London is always going to be someone with some kind of comedic appeal. It’s just a shame that Boris isn’t very funny.

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