Young, uniform minds
In uniform lines
And uniform ties
Run round with trousers on fire
And signs of desire
They cannot disguise
While I try to find words
As light as the birds
That circle above
To put in my songs of love

The Divine Comedy - Songs of Love lyrics meaning


Hannon compares the 'uniform ties' and 'uniform lines' of these young people with their equally 'uniform minds', implying that most of them are unable to think for themselves.

The 'signs of desire they cannot disguise' is of course a tongue-in-cheek innuendo, referencing the inevitable sexual arousal these teenage boys are frequently subject to.

Meanwhile, the central character stares into the sky, in search of something all the more transcendental - '[trying] to find words as light as the birds that circle above' - in order that he might complete his songs of love.

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