You are drunk and you are surely
In Latino lover mode
We all know what's on your agenda
We've broken the code

The Darkness - Get Your Hands Off My Woman lyrics meaning


I like a song that tells you exactly what it means, and it doesn't come much more direct than 8"Get Your Hands Off My Woman, Motherfucker"*. Credited to all four members of the band, the song is apparently based on the experiences of lead singer Justin Hawkins during the early stages of the band's success.

Despite being The Darkness' lowest charting single worldwide, the song remains a live favourite, always inspiring mass sing-alongs at concerts. The lyrical content very much sums up the spandex-wearing foursome's bald-faced, couldn't-give-a-crap attitude, as this American journalist confirmed during an early live gig:

"Everyone wants to hate these four Brits. But that's OK. The Darkness is a throwback to the days when rock didn't give a shit."
Audra Schroeder, Promard Beach Times

So, we kick off in verse one with a confrontation between Hawkins and some pissed and aggressive wannabe lothario in 'Latino lover mode' who - it's obvious to everyone ('we all know what's on your agenda') - is attempting to stick a flag in what is not rightly his. And something tells you Justin ain't gonna take too kindly to such advances.

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