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The Beatles - When I'm Sixty-Four lyrics meaning


The Beatles recorded this song in Studio 2 of EMI Studios, Abbey Road on various sessions over the course of late 1966. The amount of instruments meant multiple overdubs had to be edited to free up room on the studio's multi-track recorders.

The sessions were kicked off on 8th December by junior engineer Dave Harries, who risked a ticking off by George Martin for instigating recording in his absence. He said in Mark Lewisohn's The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions:

Soon after I had lined up the microphones and instruments in the studio that night, ready for the session, The Beatles arrived, hot to record. There was nobody else there but me so I became producer/engineer. We recorded Ringo's cymbals, played them backwards. Paul and George were on timps and bongos. Mal [Evans, The Beatles' personal assistant] played tambourine, we overdubbed the guitars, everything. It sounded great. When George and Geoff [Emerick, sound engineer] came back I scuttled upstairs because I shouldn't really have been recording them.

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