Cranberry sauce
Cranberry sauce

The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever lyrics meaning


Shortly before this final line, the track fades out, as if to end. Unexpectedly it then fades up again for another instrumental section, a quintessentially Beatles-esque quirk that apparently infuriated radio DJs!

At the end of the song, a distorted voice says 'Cranberry sauce' (twice). Spoken by John and hidden beneath the music, the line is easily misheard as 'I buried Paul', which fuelled rumours that Paul McCartney was dead. The Simpsons paid homage to this when, over the end credits of an episode called 'D'oh-in In The Wind', Homer can be heard saying 'I buried Flanders'.

The promotional video for 'Strawberry Fields Forever' was one of the earliest examples of what would eventually become the now standard music video format. It was during the filming of this piece that Lennon wandered off and found an old Victorian circus poster in an antiques shop that would later form the lyrical basis for the song 'Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite'.

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