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I Pledge Alligence lyrics

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F/ Kokane, Soopafly

Snoop DoggStep inta the party as I bust a ho
I'll lean up on the wall until I'm ready to go
I'm sippin on some juice with a twist of Mo
Comfortable, smokin' some dope
The bitch that I'm wit is so flexible
From Mexico, man I like this ho
The homey little Tony told me a long time ago
"Hey Dogg sit there and smoke and grind the ho"
But you know me I don't dance too much
Unless that shit OD like the party's at the Hutch
What? what? remember double dutch
Ow, the bubble butch
All up in the party swangin' E's and C's
Wit a car full a heat, hope you want my beats
I came to the party dog by myself
Twenty out a twenty-one I'll leave wit somebody else
It's somethin about the way I rock a fuckin mic
Big Snoop Dogg what that Crip like
My nigga Fred Wreck with a G in the seat (ya know)
To make it complete (uh huh), cookin the beat (woo)
Takin' it back down Parliament Street
Look at this shit so funky, funky, coka, loca, ropa, dopa
Hit 'em with a smoka, pick a place to dope up

Chorus - Kokane w/ voiceI pledge allegiance to the House for which it stands
We got some ghetto ass niggaz, makin ghetto jams
OH what I'm feelin is that in my Cali ways
So roll some dope, (oww) and go ahead and blaze

Goldie LocGod damn Loc here we go again
Steppin in this bitch to show these niggaz how I did
Dogghouse done brought out this gangsta shit
And point blank, can't nobody fade my clip
Don't even thank the trick
You know what we ain't inta hatin
But anythin you tryin' to brang we ain't inta takin
Can't you tell these outfits cost a fortune
Security stay alert to use enforcement
Ass cheeks pass me, I grabbed 'em hips
Dancin through the crowd to a badder bitch
The gas was quick, but not for mack I spit
I stopped at Iceland and got this platinum dick
You can't attract a bitch, my game accurate
You wanna laugh and trip, I'm out to crack the whip
I ho that's fast and thick, and ain't gonna ask me shit
Get a blasted lip, and she attacked the dick
Yeah bitch

KokaneWe gon' bust and we gon' rip ride
Walk on to, to the other side
The most ignorant ass niggaz in the game
Tray Deee, Goldie Loc, Big Snoop and Kokane
I'm come all night pickin up these freaks
Fuckin hoes make these bitch niggaz buckle
Dogghouse we unstoppable
Uh, don't worry bout it, Crips control the mic

Tray DeeeI stepped in the party wit some blue and white Stacy's
Right side Kacey, left side Tracy
I'm feelin' like the shit, as I slide through grinnin
Dogghouse nigga don't you know we winnin
Left side gangsta, right side busta
Say the wrong thang and get shot motherfucker
When snitches get popped, the hood gettin' hot
Ain't no cops around town, they afraid of gettin shot
Keep it on the low low, fuck that gang bang
Slang 'caine, anythang for my paper mayn
It's easy to see (what) that I'm a motherfuckin ghetto ass G, can't fuck wit me
Do it do it, loco 'til your casket drop
I'm a do it cause the Crip pop don't stop
You think you can see me, I know you motherfuckers wanna be me
Light it up, blaze it up, ain't no need for chokin
If I had anotha blunt wrap I'd be smokin
Locin waitin on Wreck to get back
When he get back perhaps I'm blazin up a sack
So relax, that's snaps ain't right, it's all good
I got your back next time you dippin through the hood
Just make sure what you got insured is fine
You already know I got my money on my mind, nigga

Outro - Snoop Dogg & othersFuckin wit these niggaz ain't the way to go
Comin from the Eastside we so rep the boss
Checkin for your bitches, now we're fuckin ya ho
Dogghouse fo sho, we untouchable
Niggaz who ain't wit it, betta duck and roll
Bitches know we comin and they lose control
Stepped up in the party and they rushed the door
Dogghouse fo sho, we untouchable


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Tha Eastsidaz I Pledge Alligence lyrics added on 11th Jul 2012

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