The word gets around

Stereophonics - Billy Davey's Daughter lyrics meaning


Stereophonics called their debut album 'Word Gets Around', indisputably inspired by this track. It's a record that tells endless tales of small-town life, scandal and gossip, and the old platitude 'word gets around' matched this perfectly.

Fittingly, the rumour upon which this song was based eventually turned out to be untrue, as music journalist Ben Johncock once commented:

"…The closing salvo of "Billy Davey's Daughter" (a song based on a story that, after its release, turned out to be nothing more than a rumour, thus perfectly capturing the very essence of the album) is a wonderful acoustic outro to a solid rock record. The Stereophonics have never bettered this, and it's their cross to bear that they probably never will."

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