Sh- shouts out to my hood men
Like wrestlers, they’re pushing
‘Cause it’s all about the Rock
If you smell what I’m cooking

Splurgeboys - L.O.V.E lyrics meaning


Splurgeboys's official lyric explanation

I grew up watching wrestling, to be fair, and everybody knows The Rock’s got the saying “if you smell what the Rock is cooking.” Everybody also… well, you might not know but The Rock - growing up through films like New Jack City - rock means like crack and drugs and stuff like that.

So, he "shouts out to my hood men" it’s like people in the hood, like wrestlers they’re pushing. Pushing is like a word for selling drugs.

And then, obviously, so it’s “shouts out to my people" that I may know, or may not know, that sell drugs and then because like wrestlers, they’re pushing. Because it’s all about ‘the rock’ - which is the drug. If you smell what I’m cooking, you cook the rock.

It’s a good lyric to be fair.

Rocket addresses drug dealing friends from his neighbourhood with a string of drug-related slang.

Push is slang for dealing, i.e. "pushing cocaine".

Rock is slang for crack cocaine, taking the name from its appearance as hard rocks after being cooked. The double entendre here is The Rock is also a famous wrestler-turned-actor, with one of his sayings being;

"If you smell what the Rock is cooking"

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