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Splurgeboys - Carry On lyrics meaning


Splurgeboys's official lyric explanation

Last year Ghetts came down to the studio. Like, we was introduced like that to do a session and it just happened from there.

Played them a couple of beats and he broke the sofa in the studio, just like got amped and broke it. We just went through a period before his album came out - obviously before, like, everyone both got busy and that - where we was just everyday recording.

So it wasn’t even a case of we recorded Carry On. We just recorded, like, so many lyrics and we was just like “yeah, we’ll use that one.” Do you know what I mean? Because otherwise they would have just been sitting on the computer doing nothing. So we just thought, “yeah, let’s use that one," and do a tune on our side as well as a few for his side.

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