Not bad for a guy whose birth sign’s two fish

SPL2RGE - Stupid Flow lyrics meaning


SPL2RGE's official lyric explanation

To be fair I could make up, like, a big excuse right now. But, at the time, it rhymed and made sense because I'm a Pisces and I smash them hits. And Pisceans, like, we're dreamers - do you know what I mean? It's like...

Also, like, I think that Pisces get a rap for being like mad sensitive as well. They're one of them, like, sensitive signs, innit? Like, so...

Yeah, but it's like... yeah, you're sensitive but you're like a dreamer. You live in a dream world so you're never thought of as actually the person that's getting it done - do you know what I mean? You're the person that people think are just, like, wishing on it.

So, it's like, yeah, still making these tunes. It's not bad for a guy that's not meant to be doing it... just thinking about it.

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