Cool breeze, yo it’s Tee
Flows like these grow on trees
Don’t compete, won’t succeed
Dopest flows, smoking beats

SPL2RGE - Stupid Flow lyrics meaning


SPL2RGE's official lyric explanation

You know what? I thought I was going to be the best one day. That's what it was. I was young and, as well, and I thought I'm going... I'm going to be the best - you see what I'm saying? So, whether or not I believed it at the time, I knew there would be a day when I did when I wrote that.

So, it's like don't compete with me for work rate because I will work harder. That's how I've... that's what I've always been taught, do you see what I'm saying? So, it was like you can't beat me unless I give up, because I will keep going.

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