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(Ya don't stop, ya don't quit)
(Rock our shit)
(It's time to rock our shit)

VERSE 1 : Opio Say what? Never under pressure, stress-free
We shock the mic, you don't impress me
I live the life of a MC, no pretending
Souls of Mischief rock the house
So baby spread your wings now, and let me come on in
Show you right from wrong, you wanna do it again
Release all that pent up aggression
Come caress and massage my dick
Baby, it's not a marauder stick
Damn right Hieroglyphics for life
Close-knit, while these others crews fight we write hits
As far as settling discrepancies
With other MC's, it's a breeze
Cause I stay focused while they frustrated; ease
Off the mic; don't cause a ruckus
It's destructive, unproductive
See, us we keep in touch with the ones that bite
Yeah, some write to diss, but it's a mismatch
I guess I attract the wack, backstage
We wage battles and leave unscathe

VERSE 2: Phesto It's Phesto in stereo
Souls of Mischief don't stop, don't quit
To everybody in the O, Hiero-
Glyphics rollers imperially equipped to eclipse
And overshadow the best with no stress, just
The mic concealed
With my limits boundless, countless
Plus my prowess ( ? )
For the female funk who wanna get into some Mischief
Submissive like I got 'em drunk
And I got 'em junked
With they knees hyperextendin, weakened
Speakin in tongues like a ventriloquist
Until I quit
While these niggas oversaturated with exaggerated nonsense
I don't respond, simps
They just pawns beyond dense
Infatuated with they lyrics never correspondent
I guess it never dawned on 'em
They don't belong on the
Mic like germs
I like to watch 'em squirm
Convincin me they styles anything more then elementary
But spermicidal is the title they've earned

VERSE 3: A-Plus I'm comin from the land of dope
Where all of these niggas never plan to hope
You could either be the man or no
But my plan was writin hella raw
Standard quite cause I be the man you like
To hand a mic
So I can make a dollar, and make ya holler
I never fake a scholar
Dumpin rappers in a lake of water
I proceed to max
Be pagin Leed if I need the sacks
Hit the weed, relax
In the O we knowin where you're at
Be in the cut if you scared of them gats
Cause Oakland niggas be prepared to jack
(Ya don't quit)
I make my mail so I won't have to run that broke skid
(Ya don't stop)
Some niggas serve rocks at spots
And get shot over knots to clock
But yo I rock the spot
Hah... (Ya don't quit) with that soul shit
I smoke a quarter, then flow swift

VERSE 4: Tajai Now fuck that Quaalude, I'm talkin half sips to the head
Let's have a meeting of the minds, nobody's leavin till we all red
Went to the jam, we caravaned to see an excitin sight to see
The music inside invitin me
To rip the mic if need be
But you know it's important that I pull
The women with the jewels glistenin, whoo
Only I can get the fly sisters' rumps to switch up
With a swisher sittin on trump
Cop the spark as I... you niggas step in haphazard
To the stage up center
T to the a's up in the zone solo
Bitch niggas should've thrown bolos
But you missed 'em
Now even your misses listen
I feel them jealous stares stuck at my back
But don't drop the microphone until I feel I fully did that
Damn, who these kids that come to every single show
And always wanna pull they Roscoes instead of hoes
You better grow up, I'm with niggas you don't know I'm with
So just stall out with all that dumb shit
(Ya don't stop, ya don't quick)
The Souls of Mischief clique down with Hieroglyphics


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