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Hook 2x When he touch the mic he be the first knight
(He know it all, y'all) He know it all? That's right
The inventiveness is what you can't resist
We gon' rock it like that, rock it like this

VERSE 1: Opio First of all for you pussies, don't take it personal
SOM is versatile, that is irreversible
I'm never submerged in a style
I'll break on out, while you are still trapped in trial
And error, catchin block like a cold
Soundin like the next nigga on the microphone
We ain't stole no lyrics, control yourself, ya hysteric
Prepare to spit, so don't experiment
You won't know where I went, shift in all directions
In attempt to escape but wait, the connection sets in
Aware of what terrors lurk, so I be alert
Assess the damage after I kick a verse
It hurts, stoppin rappers dead in they tracks
On wax, how can I be broken down or fractured?
The Fantastic Four attach words together like a latch
Or a clasp when we pass the mic

VERSE 2: Tajai Cast a laser light till you're corroded, you been spotted
Everybody want it, only one crew got it
(Who?) (Who?) (Who?) Me, A-Plus, Op and Phesto
And if rappers ain't gave respect, somethin they had best to
Got sisters damn near white to blackest night
Crowdin up the jock cause of how a brother rock it like
That, my raps is mad as a fact
That's why niggas dig 'em, kick up big ups and burn sacks
And wanna peel my cap, throw some dap
You couldn't match one of my freestyles if I was pervin off that Cali ac'
Watch out, the raps be curvin often
Comin from Eastbound to every funk shack the hip-hop crowd is at
Keep my rhymes off your tongue, boy, you bust a lung
Your muscle's gone, your crew cannot save you
When we up in this mode it's sewn
You get overpowered, and that's just how it goes

Hook 2x
A-Plus Don't even think that Hieroglyphics is gone, never that
Take a 4 to your dome to send you back
You wack, and I could never exist in such foul circumstances
Kickin raps to serve yo asses
At last it's some MC's who'd never steal a style from you
Nigga, we the Hiero crew
Marks, and better believe we gonna rock it for life
I know it all, y'all, we know it all, that's right
I'm livin tall, y'all, you livin small, no mic
Well I'm gigantic and never trippin off yo rhyme antics
The plot is we gon' leave you potless
You know we got this game for the biatches
Don't give a fuck really what coast you claim
A nigga like me only give love to who I'm close to, mane
Check it out, you motherfuckers step the hell on back
From the O and niggas know that we rock it like that

Phesto Yeah, it's Phes-Rock clockin big time dough
With your small time ho goin down like vinyl
You know, niggas try to play it off cool
Non-stop comedies all they ever gonna be
They never gonna see the light, I hit 'em
With so many variations in step
Imperceptably assertin every rhyme scheme
In your mind on the dime reconcilin
That tactical approach
Half these niggas with gats probably 'noid enough to shoot
Hieroglyphics got your back pilin through thickness
The boys in blue with bitches who allow us to respect them
Strictly as objects of sex to dick 'em down swoll
I never lose control, it's all an illusion
If my aim seems mainstream, I'm a virtuoso
(You'se a fool)
Too fake to make any kind of impression, we Hiero

Hook 2x


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Souls of Mischief Rock it Like That lyrics added on 11th Jul 2012

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