Effective mine site rehabilitation

In Australia alone, there is close to $14 billion worth of mine rehabilitation works waiting to be completed. As government and communities ramp up expectations, operators are looking for a more efficient and economical way to carry out rehabilitation works.

Decoda’s Mine Rehabilitation solution assesses designs and mine sites, and indicates the most effective, efficient and cost-effective way to carry out bulk earth works through a combination of:

Design optimisation technologies
Design execution and machine guidance solutions
Remote monitoring & decision support tools

Transforming mine
rehabilitation methods

Leading the way in mine site rehabilitation technology, Decoda planning, monitoring and execution solutions support progressive rehabilitation of mines during operation and through to (and beyond) eventual closure.

Sampling and analysis of the site is undertaken. Overburden and top soil dump modelling is carried out to ensure soil is removed to maximise efficiency and minimise costs when it is time to rehabilitate.

During mine closure, material movement planning and execution take place, plus quality control based on post mine closure land use.

Dozing analytics are utilised to determine the most effective, efficient, and economical way to carry out bulk earth works that meet the design plan, fit the landscape profile, stop erosion, and minimise environmental impact.

Key features & benefits of Mine Rehabilitation technology

Decoda’s data and analytic solutions are helping mine’s worldwide to benefit widely from improving the movement of bulk material on their sites through a range of smart and integrated tools.

  • Landform design cost comparisons
  • Erosion limiting designs
  • Machine guidance ready designs
  • Compliance to plan monitoring
  • Environmental compliance and tracking
  • Faster, more cost-effective, and lower emission processes
  • Evidence of plan compliance
  • Accuracy of work assessment and financial projections
  • Real time project updates
  • Reduction of future rehabilitation costs

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