The gap between digital strategy and execution leaves mine sites vulnerable to significant inefficiencies and productivity losses, as well as their associated downstream impacts.

Productivity is still significantly lower than it was two decades ago. While soaring inflation and talent costs are significantly increasing mining costs, squeezing productivity and delaying expansion plans. It is crucial for mining companies to track the main drivers of asset productivity and focus on initiatives guaranteed to sustainably increase productivity over the long term.

Decoda’s Load & Haul solutions help sites close this gap and enables operators to identify productivity improvements, rectify inefficient processes, and implement sustainable solutions across their load and haul operations.

Our intelligent, integrated Mining Operating System (iiMOS) and end-to-end service delivery helps you to develop strong alignment between your operational teams and your digital strategy to drive efficiency and remove unpredictability across your load and haul circuits.

Sites that effectively execute their digital strategies can improve productivity across mining operations by up to 15%.


Highly variable productivity Poor identification and contextualisation of constraints across circuits lead to inconsistent asset utilisation and performance.

Increasing operational complexity Mines are getting larger, more complex and putting more strain on workers – widening the gap between planned and actual performance.

Skilled worker shortages Attracting and retaining skilled labour is getting more difficult and it’s taking too long to get new operators up to speed.

ESG and decarbonisation Sites face increasing pressure to reduce carbon emissions and offset the added cost of working towards Net Zero.

Poor adoption of digital initiatives Sites have difficulty turning site data into actionable improvement and gaining trust/buy-in after failed initiatives.

Excessive equipment downtime Unplanned equipment maintenance events are affecting productivity across load and haul operations.


Optimise operational costs

Minimise cost/tonne output through utilising systems and ‘big picture’ thinking.

Real time data

Enhance strategic operational decision making with real time data.

Reduce emissions

Understand how to best approach reducing carbon emissions without sacrificing performance.

Analytics as a Service

Provide ongoing monitoring to assist in providing a cycle of continuous improvement.

Subject matter expertise

Link observations within your site data to operational safety, productivity & efficiency improvement initiatives.

Operator insights & coaching

Understand operator induced events and receive coaching insights to improve operator performance.



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