Optimise your loading and hauling operations

Set and achieve ‘stretch’ performance goals with Load and Haul asset performance management (APM). By collecting data from any fleet management system (FMS) and integrating it with machine telemetry, mine plan, and other key data sources, APM delivers a big picture view of load and haul operations, including a full cost per tonne value driver tree.

Decoda’s Load and Haul APM is made up of three modules that can be implemented individually or together.

Operate for Reliability (O4R)

Focused on operational improvement – ensuring your machines are operating reliably to achieve expected performance.

Operate for Productivity (O4P)

Improve the productivity of the full production platform by analysing the productivity of various machines and how efficient they are.

Short Interval Control (SIC)

Get back on track when operations veer away from the mine plan with notification, intervention, and action to bring performance back in line.

An end-to-end load and haul solution that delivers sustainable value

Utilising real-time key performance insights and alerting, dynamic operational strategies and remote haul road condition analysis, Decoda’s load and haul optimisation technology helps you drive efficiency and remove unpredictability of your load and haul operations.

Site-wide system integration and real-time reporting gives full visibility of your actual load and haul performance compared with your mine plan.

Potential issues and improvement opportunities are identified and actioned through productivity alerting, short interval control, trend recognition, benchmarking, machine learning, and more.

Actionable insights are delivered to your team at the right time, empowering sites to utilise their own data to plan, track, and evaluate operational performance as well as deploy and manage change.

Key benefits of load and haul optimisation

Mines worldwide are using APM to drive site-wide productivity and efficiency. Decoda’s Load and Haul optimisation technology helps you reach mine plan compliance and consistent operational performance by enabling sites to:

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Identify optimal haul routes
  • Improve tyre wear and machine condition
  • Improve operator safety, productivity & efficiency
  • Enhance decision making
  • Utilise equipment efficiently and reduce idle time
  • Proactively manage emerging operational problems and business risk
  • Improve identification and quantification of uncertainties

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