Making mine plan compliance possible

In nearly 100% of operations there is a significant gap between mine plans and actual operational performance. Plans built off multiple assumptions are impacted by a number of unpredictable variables and are rarely updated or monitored to reflect actual operations.

Using recent advances in digital technologies, Decoda’s integrated performance management solutions are helping mine operators embrace new ways of thinking and working by offering real time insights into mine operations – enabling consistent operational performance and mine plan compliance.

Decoda’s productivity solutions will cover a range of surface mining processes, across Blast Hole Drilling, Dozer Mining, Load and Haul, Processing Plant, End-to-End Value Chain Performance and Mine Rehabilitation.

load and haul

Decoda’s Load and Haul solution has delivered many sustainable mine site performance improvements – from identifying and removing constraints to reducing cost per tonne.

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MINE REHABilitation

The cost and complexity of mine rehabilitation can hinder compliance. Smart dozer analytics technology is improve efficiency and reduce the cost of carrying out bulk earth works.

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Drive productivity and efficiency across your mine site

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Tyre life management

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