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Album released 1986


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Facebook Fight for the Rock is the third full-length album released by the American heavy metal band Savatage, released in 1986. It is their first album with new bass player Johnny Lee Middleton, who has since become the only ever-present member on each Savatage record released.

Released in 1986, it is largely regarded as the band's worst ever release by both fans and band members alike, with the band referring to it as "Fight for the Nightmare". Jon Oliva went as far to say in October 1994, "I've never really been fond of that album. WE'VE never been fond of that album". The band said that they were driven to make the record by their label, Atlantic Records, particularly Jon Oliva began writing pop-rock songs for other artists on the label such as John Waite. However, the label eventually turned around and told the band to record the music that Jon had written for other artists themselves. This destroyed the band's credibility in the eyes of the press and reviews were not kind to the band. It not only destroyed the band's image, but the negative critical reaction has been cited as a cause of Jon Oliva's bout of drug and alcohol depression which eventually drove him from the fore of the band.
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