Oh place your hands, on my hole

Reef - Place Your Hands lyrics meaning


'Place Your Hands' by Reef is a bit of a trojan horse. A mid-nineties feel-good anthem, and a monster hit that still gets people moving to this day, it would be easy to dismiss it as generic ramblings with no particular meaning layered over a fat guitar riff.

But, in fact, the song is about lead singer Gary Stringer's experience of losing his grandfather to cancer.

Didn't see that one coming, did you?

We start with a point of controversy, and perhaps the most famous-line in the song. 'Oh place your hands on my hole' is probably what 95% of the population consider this line to be. There appears to be no definitive authority on the web, but many sources record the final word in the line as 'hope', while some consider it to be 'whole'. Both 'hope' and 'whole' support the fairly undisputed claim that the song is about Stringer's ailing grandfather, unlike 'hole' which of course implies that he's asking the listener to stick their fingers up his bum. Which would be a very odd thing to say to a dying relative.

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