I thought it was a joke 
But I knew it weren't
When JB sent me a text and I went to the ends, see you dead in a white tent 
I broke down and cried 
Tears kept falling

Rascals - Memories lyrics meaning


Rascals's official lyric explanation

I’m just speaking of the actual moment I found out, to the point where, yeah, the actual moment. So, me going to, me being in my house, hearing the news, getting a text from them, going to [???] Road, to actually getting off a train and seeing the tent where, like, you know, the white tent where… like, seeing that. And that’s all, like, just trying to picture that moment and the going to the shop, like, buying a drink, just pouring it on the floor just to show respect. Yeah, man, it’s just all about that.

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