He cheats you
He lies to you
And you're not meant to mind
He's taken your best years away
But he's all that you can find

Psapp - The Cruel, the Kind and the Bad lyrics meaning


Psapp's official lyric explanation

The song is really about a wronged lover who’s been cheated on and it’s the singer - or me - is saying, “get away from this man. He’s bad news.”

And how… yeah, and how it, sort of, can take quite a couple of years for these things to subside. For some people it’s still, sort of, really relevant. They, sort of, still live in the past of relationships that maybe… it’s gone for 10 years and they’re still - in their minds - it’s still really alive. So, those letters come out.

It’s so funny those perceptions. In fact, I had a dream last night that me and my husband were writing a valentine’s card to an ex-boyfriend of mine together - I’ve just remembered it. We’re in this strange little bed that had all been hand-knitted and we were just writing, very carefully, this valentine’s card and I was saying, “maybe I should stop doing it” and my husband was going, “no, you do it every year. It’s really important that you keep up with these traditions.” Not anything to do with the song, but…

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