Mining is a complex and sometimes unpredictable environment with ever-changing events and priorities. Deviating from the plan can often feel unavoidable – despite the impact it can have on site productivity and profitability.

Decoda’s Short Interval Control (SIC) platform provides mine sites with a scalable, structured process for identifying and acting on opportunities to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their mining processes (production, development, and services). The intended outcome is a continuous improvement loop of increased productivity and minimised waste.

Utilising our industry leading platform, miners are able to modify plans during shift to mitigate against risk and adjust to real-time conditions, increasing the probability that production goals will be met by the end of every shift. Through effective implementation, we help improve your equipment availability, utilisation, and overall production rate – closing the gap between actual and best potential performance.

Identify & improve circuit problems

Identify and analyse recurring problems and implement effective countermeasures to reduce the frequency with which the issue repeats.

Stay on track

View how circuits are tracking against shift targets and adjust process operations that deviate from the schedule soon after a deviation occurs.

Make informed decisions

Oversee all circuits and understand connections between them to make informed decisions.

Receive extensive analysis

Analyse truck allocation, circuit conditions, load unit performance and truck bottlenecks.

Provide coaching

Conduct job observations and coach operators on how to work more productively and improve their quality of work.

Focus on value-adding activities

Manage administrative tasks more efficiently and enable supervisors to spend more time addressing hazards or safety concerns and performing inspections.


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