Repairing and replacing haul truck tyres can be among the more substantial operational costs in mining, making it crucial for mine sites to proactively identify and remove hazards across their circuit that are likely to contribute to tyre failure.

Given haul truck tyres regularly fail at just 40% – 60% of their expected life; the impact on maintenance budgets and disrupted productivity can be significant. In surface mines, damage caused by sharp rocks is a key contributor to premature tyre failure and a common problem across all commodities.

Our RockAware™ solution combats this through our industry leading AI detection system. Mounted on your haul trucks, the system continually scans for obstacles that can cause damage to tyres.

Once an obstacle is detected the system notifies your clean-up crew of the obstacle so that it can be removed from your haul circuit.

Any rock fall or obstacle detection that poses a valid risk to safety operations or tyre life is automatically captured, tagged, georeferenced and stored on the platform for training and coaching purposes. With operators, trainers, and supervisors able to log in and review footage.

Discover more about the solution minimising truck tyre repair and maintenance

Improve tyre life

Systems identification and notification of rocks likely to contribute to premature tyre failure.

Locate and geotag hazards

Identify hazards across your haul route in real time that can cause damage to haul truck tyres.

Notify clean up crews

Proactive alerts of the location of fallen rocks that are likely to damage tyres so that they can be removed from the circuit.

Provide coaching and training opportunities

View playback of footage showing the correlation between poor loading practices and material spills during hauling activities.

Reduce amount of
money spent

Cut maintenance and repair expenses on tyres by identifying fallen rocks before they can cause damage to haul trucks.


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