To minimise safety issues, unnecessary damage or productivity losses across mining operations, mine sites need to ensure the reliability, maintainability, and improvement of their equipment and equipment operators – throughout initial machine design to its disposal.

Knowing not just what is going wrong, but why, when, and who is responsible can be the difference between meeting production targets and falling days behind on your mine plan.

Using a wide range of site and equipment data to deliver full visibility, Decoda’s O4R Analytics as a Service (AaaS) platform helps mine sites significantly reduce operator performance issues whilst delivering improved productivity and reduced unplanned downtime through the continual monitoring of operator and equipment behaviours.

The platform is fully accessible for site staff to review and act on, providing them with a level of awareness and monitoring that has become more critical due to:

  • Operator induced machine events can quickly blow maintenance budgets and impact productivity requirements
  • Operator performance becomes critically important due to the difficulty of attracting and retaining skilled workers
  • Supply chain challenges create additional challenges when unplanned breakdowns occur
Managed Services

Decoda specialists remotely monitor data and record when machines meet abuse condition criteria (including operator responsible, time event occurred, and location).

Training & Development

Operator training and support can be provided for operators who are recorded as having issues, or for the whole team to understand process changes.

Technical Support

Ongoing support to help operators understand why events occurred and to build action plans to prevent reoccurrences.


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