Take a look at yourself
Do you like what you see
Do you know what you've done
And how you did it to me

Everything you do
Comes back to you

Peppermint Heaven - Karmageddon lyrics meaning


Peppermint Heaven's official lyric explanation

There’s some venom in this one. It’s more directed at a wider scope of people and the karmic belief that if you do something bad it will come back to you “like a boomerang” as we say in the song.

There’s actually an interesting story behind these lyrics. It’s one of the rare times that we started with a title and wrote a song around it. A while back here in LA, they did some major construction on a busy freeway called “The 405” and they were going to close the freeway for a whole weekend. The press was calling this event “Car-mageddon” because it was going to cause so many problems for drivers. (As Missing Persons once sang, “Nobody walks in L.A.”). Well, this moniker “Car-mageddon” stuck with us and we thought it would make for an interesting song title.

Of course, we couldn’t seriously sing about a freeway closure, so we thought about changing the “C” to a “K”. And so Karmageddon was born!

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