You and I are gonna live forever

Oasis - Live Forever lyrics meaning


Noel has claimed that Live Forever will go down in history as a genuine classic.

With every song that I write, I compare it to The Beatles. I've got semi-close once or twice, with 'Live Forever,' for example... the solo on that is one of the greatest things in rock music.

It's a viewpoint shared by Liam who reportedly allowed Noel to join the early incarnation of Oasis after hearing the song for the first time:

I think the words still mean something powerful. You talk about Oasis capturing a spirit, and I think that song is how a lot of people feel when they're down on their luck. I think I first heard it in the Boardwalk in Manchester when our kid (Noel Gallagher) was trying it out. Even when we're starting it now I always feel like we're going to perform our best version of it. It makes me think of me mam. And it's the song that makes me feel I have the best job in the band. I may not have written it but I get to sing it. It's weird cos it's outlasted other tunes.

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