Once upon a time I pressed rewind
Two left feet, I had no beat
Baby in the corner learning quick
Keep up, keep up, keep up

Nicola Roberts - Beat of My Drum lyrics meaning


Nicola is the youngest member of Girls Aloud, and was just 17 years old when she won a place in the girl group on British TV talent show Popstars: The Rivals.

"I literally left school, walked out of the classroom and onto the stage. I was in the band when I just turned 17."
- RM Magazine

Nicola originally didn't make it to the final line-up of Girls Aloud, but after Nicola Ward pulled out, she was given a wildcard and made the cut. However, the situation left her feeling insecure about her position in the group; Nicola felt that she had to "keep up" with the other girls to stay in.

This verse is also a subtle hat-tip to the film Dirty Dancing, where Patrick Swayze's character Jonny says "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" before interrupting a talent show and performing the final dance sequence of the film.

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