Things to Make and Do by Moloko


Things to Make and Do lyrics

Album released March 29, 2000


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Facebook Things to Make and Do is the third album from the electronic/dance duo Moloko, UK issued by Echo, in 2000. It was a sonic departure for Moloko, featuring tracks less reliant on electronics and more on live musicians. In addition to the change in musical styles, the album featured new vocal technique, from lead singer Róisín Murphy - at time of release, Murphy summed up her previous vocal style, saying: "I was nineteen when I made Tight Sweater, and I knew I was pretending, but if I tried not to, I’d still be pretending. Now, I know myself better."

After the release of Things to Make and Do, offers came in for Murphy to guest on others records, most notably The Psychedelic Waltons, Boris D. and Handsome Boy Modelling School. The album held the Echo's record as its fastest-selling UK platinum record, until beaten by Feeder's The Singles compilation, six years later.
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