Sons of Intellect by KJ-52


Sons of Intellect lyrics

Album released 1996


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Facebook 7th Avenue is the first studio album by rapper KJ-52, and his only release before signing to BEC Recordings. The album notably contains little to no pop influence, instead favoring old school hip hop, and KJ-52 has a more conventional flow here than in his BEC Recordings work, in which it is very simplistic. The album has been hailed as highly influential by such notable Christian hip hop artists such as Skribbal and LA Symphony.

In 2004, it was re-released by Essential Records, with new tracks "Lift Me Up" (Jars of Clay cover), "All Around the World", "Need Someone", "It's The S.O.I. (Remix)", and "12 Round Knockout" added, and with all the skits, the "Greatest M.C." intro, continue, and outro, and songs "Cipha All Stars" and "They Know Not" cut.
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