But it’s a movie
I can’t be bothered to see
And you don’t move me
But you’re too sexy to be lonely

Kimberly Anne - Two's Company lyrics meaning


Kimberly Anne's official lyric explanation

I've never said the word "sexy" in a song before. It's weird because you normally hear, like "sexy" in like chart toppers like... "I'm sexy and I know it..." So, I thought "what would happen?"

But this was just a reflection of a night that I had with me and someone else and a bottle of red wine. Just talking... literally, I hadn't known them very long and we were meant to be friends and we were just hanging out and then it very quickly turned to "oh, okay... something more could happen here."

It just would have been so easy to have just had pointless sex to be honest. It just felt a bit boring. Like I, sort of... yeah, like, no insult to the person. But I've sort of been there and done that when it... in terms of like, you know... I know that if I'm starting to flirt with someone that I'm not that interested in, it's obviously... something's going on with me.

It's like, what are you looking for in this person? Like, what's going on with you? Do you want some attention? Do you feel a bit lonely? Are you angry about something? Are you proving a point to yourself that you're still sexy? Like... sort it out.

So I was... basically it was just me trying to be a bit mature and be like "we don't need to do this..." and so, we just, sort of, got chatting and then the person was... just admitted to me that they were just really lonely and then this conversation just got really sad and not sexy anymore.

So, yeah, this song came out of that evening. They're blatantly going to know it's them now. But, anyway...

Yeah, but we turned out to be good friends now. So it would have been really weird if we had slept together so I'm really glad we didn't.

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