I'm as hard as hell

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Kimberly Anne's official lyric explanation

The lyric title for Hard As Hello when the actual lyric is “hard as hell” was a complete typo. Yeah, when I was saving… when I made the demo in Logic I just saved it and automatically wrote "hello" because - I don’t know - my hands were just, sort of, I don't know... muscle memory? I write "hello" more than I do "hell" perhaps?

Also, it… yeah, it was a total accident. But, actually, it made me think of sometimes sort of saying goodbye can be just as hard as, you know, approaching someone and telling them your feelings. Also, to be honest, my sister is like a really, like, devout Christin as well and she was just like “oh, it just feels a bit harsh to me as well…” she didn’t even like the word in the song.

Now I don’t have any spiritual affiliations but it did sort of… I liked that song title anyway... Hard As Hello and then it made me think of... just… it was cool the way it was. It felt like a sign.

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