Many mine sites now have a digital strategy in place and understand the benefit of utilising data and analytics to improve mine operations and productivity. However, many initiatives born of these strategies never make it off the ground – whether due to conflicting priorities, lack of resources, missing internal expertise or analytics limitations.

Digital execution is not ‘set and forget’. For strategies to be successful, they need to be sustainable and committed to – not only executed appropriately, but also monitored and optimised regularly.

Decoda works with mine operators to ensure strategy execution isn’t only possible, but sustainable. Our end-to-end offering goes beyond basic technology and consultation to offer:

  • An advanced data & analytics platform

    that brings together different data sets from across operations for analysis and reporting

  • Extra resources and expertise

    to partner with and support your internal teams

  • End-to-end support options

    from monitoring and reporting to implementing training or process changes


Mine site operations are complicated, and any number of variables can impact your day-to-day productivity and performance. Bottlenecks across your mine site can arise at any time, and without the right data and analytics system, these are often misunderstood and not handled effectively.

Many sites can see that there are events occurring that are minimising productivity but don’t necessarily know why, how to fix it, or how it may be impacting other areas of the value chain. Getting insights into these details not only requires more data, but deeper analysis of that data.

Decoda’s intelligent, integrated Mining Operating System (iiMOS) helps operators convert data into actionable changes and sustainable productivity improvement by delivering:

  • Problem recognition notifications & alerts

    to provide near-real time updates on productivity blockages

  • Real-time data & insights

    to implement the right solutions and manage

  • Actionable analysis

    to keep you on track


The many competing priorities associated with managing a mining operation frequently lead to improvement opportunities going unnoticed.

Natural complexity of mine operations means there is often variability and deviation from mine plan. Without right visibility over this, operators can’t see where or when it’s happening or how to get back to where they need to be.

Decoda’s end-to-end ‘Mine thru Mill’ Integrated Performance Management (IPM) solution enables you to treat the mining life cycle as a ‘closed loop system’. Looking at the big picture and analysing how each vertical works together as a system, it can assist with:

  • Mine planning

    to ensure that plans accurately reflect potential, opportunities, and challenges

  • Keeping & staying on track

    when operations vary or veer off plan, get help to bring things back in line

  • Identifying & addressing inefficiencies

    whether behavioural, technical, operational, or environmental


Due to the size and complexity of mining operations, most miners know (and expect) that inefficiencies and performance gaps exist across their mine value chain – particularly in load and haul circuit capacity.

Suboptimal haul routes, ineffective strategies, machine downtime, inefficient processes… They’re all common problems that result in millions in lost production value every year. And with commodity prices climbing – masking true production and cost/ tonne output – potential profit losses could be closer to tens of millions annually.

By helping monitor and analyse mine site data, Decoda can help detect productivity losses, identify areas that can be optimised and implement these changes to ensure productivity and profitability are kept high.

  • View entire value chain

    understand how each function is operating and performing

  • Identify productivity problems

    get near real-time information on productivity gaps

  • Implement sustainable solutions

    meet cost targets and KPIs by reducing costly inefficiencies across the value chain