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Facebook Henry Kõrvits (born 30 December 1974 in Tallinn), better known by his stagename G-Enka is an Estonian rapper and record producer.

G-Enka started rapping in 1996 along with Revo and DJ Paul Oja, who was G-Enka's schoolmate. Together they started a band called Toe Tag. Their first album The Real Kuhnja Homophobes was released next year. In 1998, G-Enka and Revo joined another Estonian rap group, A-Rühm, and Toe Tag went on vacation. Also G-Enka started making his own solo songs. The most famous hit was "Tallinn", which was rapped along with Droopy in 2001. During the same year Toe Tag came back together and started a big Estonian tour. In 2004, Toe Tag released their second studio album Legendaarne (Legendary), which consisted of 18 songs. The most famous songs from the album were "Legendaarne" and "Pankrot" (Bankruptcy). In 2006, G-Enka and A-Rühm released their new album Leegion which had 23 songs. The most famous songs from this album were "Palmisaar" (Palm Island) and "Tugitooli Gangster" (Armchair Gangster).
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