And all across America,
Waitresses and boys who play guitar,
They fall in love and fall out, the boys have something to sing about,
The girls go drown their sorrows at the bars.

Frank Turner - The Fisher King Blues lyrics meaning


Although Tape Deck Heart and The Fisher King Blues is played by Turner, a fundamentally English performer, it was recorded in LA with studio producer Rich Costey. In turn, Costey has worked with a plethora of bands – amongst them American icons such as Jane’s Addiction, Rage Against the Machine and Interpol.

Turner has addressed the issue of recording a so-say British album in the United States of America:

This record isn't about England at all — I did that last time round. This album is about self-examination, running through your own faults, about change, and about ending. Something like that.

However he does recognise that:

It’s such a cliché – bands reach a certain level of success, go to L.A. to record an album. I was nervous about recording outside the UK because my music sounds English and I like that, but in fact, it didn’t make any difference. We stayed at the Holiday Inn next door and didn’t finish until dark every day, so I scarcely saw the sun shine.

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