I remember well the day that I got my first tattoo:
I was so scared before and after I was so proud when it was new.
But these days I've gone and got me many more,
And sometimes I get more when I get bored.

Frank Turner - Losing Days lyrics meaning


Frank Turner's official lyric explanation

The first tattoo that I got was this one at the top here that says ‘UKHC’ for UK Hard Core. I got that done when I was 16 years old at a place called Evil from the Needle in Camden. Obviously, that wasn’t, strictly speaking, legal, but they didn’t ask me for any ID.

I was very scared before because I didn’t really know anybody who’d had any tattoos, but I just knew that I wanted one. So I went and got one done.
To me now, these days, it’s just a memory of time spent on the UK Hard Core Punk Rock scene - whatever you want to call it.

My favourite tattoo, that’s a tough one. I’d say, probably, this 13 on my fingers is very special to me. Most tattoo culture stuff in the West comes from the circus and from sailors. From the circus you get the idea of 13 being a lucky number for people who are social outcasts rather than an unlucky number for normal people.

So there’s a tradition on any Friday the 13th - if you ask a tattooist worth his salt for a tattoo of the number 13 - then he should do it for you, for free. Matt Hunt - who’s my guy - did that for me after the Wembley show.

I also got the Wembley date done - between the main set and the encore - but I got that one done afterwards and, yeah, I like it. It’s very special to me.

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