I was sipping on a whisky when I got the call
Yeah my friend Lex was lying in the hospital
She'd been pretty sick for about half the year
But it seemed like this time the end was drawing near

Frank Turner - Long Live the Queen lyrics meaning


Frank Turner's 'Long Live The Queen' is a modern story song in the classic folk tradition. A lyrical master, Frank expertly weaves the tragic story of a dying friend into a stirring pop anthem with a singalong chorus and a moving conclusion.

Here, he sets the scene with a phone call - interrupting his whisky drinking - to tell him that his friend Lex, affectionately known in his friendship group as 'The Queen', is in hospital and may not have long left. With the revelation that Lex has been sick for some time, there is an implication that the illness may be cancer, although that is never confirmed.

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