Is anyone else sick of the music
Churned out by lacklustre scenesters from Shoreditch?

Frank Turner - Four Simple Words lyrics meaning


Frank Turner's official lyric explanation

"Hipster" is a word that I, arguably, overuse or perhaps should be more careful in defining. I was never cool when I was a kid and I used to really hate the people at school, in my social circle, who were; the very ‘elitist’ almost snobbish kind of attitude to life and popular culture.

As I got older and moved to London and went out in the world and there are just those people for whom music is an affectation - that annoys the living shit out of me because music shouldn’t be an affectation. What music is to me - the reason I love music - is because it’s just everything; it’s the core, it’s the soul and it’s not a fashion trend. I just get so irritated.

Later, in the same song, and somebody says something like, “oh, well guitar music is out now…” What does that even fucking mean? Out of what? Either you like music or you don’t like it.

Similar questions people ask you, “What’s your guilty pleasure in music?” I don’t have any guilty pleasures. I like the music that I like.

The dig at Shoreditch, I don’t know - who knows? It’s slight Williamsburg-esque around there and Vice magazine - I actually quite like Vice magazine but it’s just that, sort of, particular scene. It’s just frustrating and that slightly haughty sense of ironic detachment that goes with it all. Just drives me up the fucking wall - it really does.

As it says, I want bands that mean it, I want music to mean and. I’ve seen myself being criticised in the press here and there for being un-ironic and it’s just like, how - in what universe is that a criticism?

I’m not saying that every single piece of music ever made anywhere has to be sincere, but for God’s sake, mean something that you say, on occasion.

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