Global success stories

Interested in how other operations are utilising and maximising smart mining technology?

Be inspired and learn more about the leading global companies we’ve partnered with and how Decoda solutions have helped them increase productivity, embrace innovation, and boost performance across every stage.

Pass matching increases circuit productivity 8%

A mismatch between trucks and shovels, and an absence of pass loading strategy, was leading to queue times double that of load times.

To be able to increase productivity, Decoda metrics identified the constrained asset – and find an unusual solution that led to extensive benefits.

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Haul route analysis enables proactive condition improvement

A high pressure difference between suspension cylinders was spell for concern, but remediating the problem first required finding the cause.

With help from analytics and GPS mapping, Decoda’s technology was able to not only fix but also proactively manage machines and conditions.

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Improved safety & reduced brake wear

Increased occurrences of high left and right front brake oil temperatures on truck fleets pointed to a problem.

Reviewing detailed information led to some interesting findings that connected many of the incidents – and led important usage and equipment changes.

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