Flashback to camping in ’04
Radiohead on my Walkman plays
So inspired by Kid A

Blizzard - Paradise Island lyrics meaning


Blizzard's official lyric explanation

You don’t even understand, like, Radiohead is everything to me - it’s so inspiring. But, Kid A is like one of my favourite pieces of work ever. I bet, like, my manager and my cameraman are sick to death of me talking about this band.

But the self-titled track Kid A is absolutely impeccable. Another track I love is called How To Disappear Completely and there’s, like, what else was there? Like, Treefingers - that’s a great track, Motion Picture Soundtrack… I could go on about Radiohead all day. Like, I literally could cite every single album and ten tracks that I like off each.

But yeah, Thom Yorke being like one of my biggest influences across the board. Like, love his production, love the way every single album is different to the other and he was definitely one of my big influences for Testing The Water because I was like “okay, so if Radiohead can do a Grunge album and then do an album that sounds like it was made on Warp Records and then an album that sounds just crazy, trippy I can do it as well because it’s all about reinventing yourself, you know.

Big up Radiohead!

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