What’s heaven like, Dean?
You’ll have to show it me soon
When we’re reunited, trust, I’ll be over the moon

Blizzard - Never Forget lyrics meaning


Blizzard's official lyric explanation

Dean was my cousin who died in a car accident, like, 2008 in December. He was in a car accident and it hurt us all so I thought it was a good time and a good way for me to talk about it because I'm one of them people that shuts myself out when big traumas come to my life. And if I'm in a writer's block it will beat me up even more. But, if I can write about it, I definitely will.

And, Eddie, as well, in the next verse, "what's heaven like, Eddie? I need to ask ya" was my friend from school who I hadn't seen for ages and then we'd met again and then a week after I found out he was... he hung himself, committed suicide. And again, that was another one that was hard to believe and... yeah, so I wrote that song. Hope, like talking about that and just... it was, kind of... there was a song I remember my friend, invincible, wrote ages ago that was like "I had a dream that everything was okay. One of my friends, all my folks that had passed away came back for one last glass of Alizay. But then I opened my eyes and it was all just a dream."

That song really influenced me by that. It's quite a... it's an old track, don't get me wrong. It's just like a mixed tape song from 2006. But I remember hearing that and thinking, yeah... so, I can use this as some sort of inspiration for a track about grieving.

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