Triangle on my jumper, triangle on my hat
Bare man think it means something
Please could you stop with that?
I've got no business with any service other than my service to rap

Blizzard - Love & Waviness lyrics meaning


Blizzard's official lyric explanation

I remember with my SBTV F64 I had this hat with a triangle in it and these YouTube trolls were writing “Illuminati! He’s in a secret society! Why is he wearing triangles on his hat? He must have sold his soul to the devil.”

So, I was like… well, okay. But is anything with a triangle… hey, there’s an Illuminati sign right there. But, yeah… you know what I mean? Like, you could… if you look for something hard enough you will find it - you know what I mean. Like, I call it the Number 23 Theory where if you look for a number somewhere, you will find it.

But people were just being very nit-picking about it and just saying stupid things. So, I was just like, "I’ve got no business with any service other than my service to rap" and that was a direct reference to link back to the "I’m not an Illuminati…" of course.

Yeah, that’s it really. I just didn’t want people to put me under that umbrella of people trying to be something I’m not.

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