People start to know who I am more
My song’s Bluetooth’d around the class

Didn’t think they’d show interest
All of a sudden they’re so impressed

Blizzard - Back In the Day lyrics meaning


Blizzard's official lyric explanation

The first track I ever did - Big Like EA - with my cousins crew, Mayhem, that circulated when I was just coming into my second high school and I didn’t want to tell anyone at the start that I was into music because I almost found it embarrassing because I had, like, a really squeaky voice and I was rapping about stealing people’s phones and I was about three foot tall. It was really cringey - you know what I mean.

But, after a while, when I think about it, it was probably took me, like, three years to realise that lying in your music is definitely not the right way to go because I was saying things like “yeah, it was me that stole your phone and it was me that broken your nose…”

There’s some people who’d look at me like “really, this kid’s pitiful.”

Then I had this song come out… by the way, that lyric wasn’t in this song that was circulating around the class. That was just a different… like an earlier thing.

But, yeah, this track just, like… when people caught on to the fact it was me - because I kept it quite secret for a few months because I wasn’t… yeah, I was a bit embarrassed a bit. But then someone was like “oh, right! So, yeah, you do rapping? Let me hear it.” So I rapped and then I sent him a song and then he sent it all his friends and… yeah, people started to hear about me from that, I guess, yeah.

Then the core network started.

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