I moved school, four months in
Had to start all over again

Blizzard - Back In the Day lyrics meaning


Blizzard's official lyric explanation

I was supposed to have gone to two schools and then, like, the forms were filled in wrong - so I didn’t get in to any of them. Like, I didn’t get entered into any.

So, I went to a school around the corner that was… I’d say rough, but, that’s only in comparison to, like, where I’m from and, like, what I’ve grown up around. It was quite… quite hectic. But, I think, my parents saw me watching a fight when they came to pick me up and then just took me out and were just like, “no, we’re not having you in here.”

Then I went to Parrs Wood which was the school I went from, like, December 2006 ‘til I finished. And I was all ready as well because, like, a lot of my - my cousin Shifty who got me into music - a lot of his, like, older friends have cousins that went to the school I was at first. So, I always felt quite safe and I made a lot of friends just through the fact I was into music.

I remember, sometimes at lunch, there’d be DJs and people would just, like, go there and rap and I fitted in really well.

Going into my next school it was different and a lot of people were into indie music. Not many people were into rap, just because of, I guess, personal taste. So I had to literally start building social groups again.

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