I know that Mr. Brown's gotta a lot of what it takes
I got a big brown bag full of cocaine
And I cannot be friends with Mr. Brown
I'd Like to put that fucker underground

Biting Elbows - Dope Fiend Massacre lyrics meaning


Biting Elbows's official lyric explanation

Dope Fiend Massacre is about a dope fiend - surprise. He’s in a drugged up state and he thinks it’s now his duty to go kill a bad politician. Which happens often, you get really good ideas in a less than sober state.

So he’s about to go off on his journey of mayhem and hurt but then he starts to second guess himself and have doubts. Then he goes into a conversation with himself and the song ends with him supposedly parading on the beat.

If you see the music video it’s probably the closest that correlates between the lyrics and the visuals because as soon as I was writing the lyrics, I just, kind of, pictured everything and pretty much everything I pictured we shot.

So, there’s some lazy music video making for you. Just shoot what the singer sings.

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