Pandemonic Incantations by Behemoth


Pandemonic Incantations lyrics

Album released March 2, 1998


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Facebook Pandemonic Incantations is the third studio album by Polish blackened death metal band Behemoth. The album was recorded during August and September 1997 at Selani Studio and was mixed in October 1997. The album was then released in 1998 by Solistitium Records, whilst Behemoth were still in their period of transition from black metal to blackened death metal. A remastered digipak version was released by Metal Mind Records with 6 bonus tracks, including 5 live tracks recorded during the European tour in Toulouse, France on February 27, 1999 and a studio version of With Spell of Inferno (Mefisto).

It is known that on the original version of the album, the eighth track is followed by 57 tracks of silence. The outro is on track number 66.
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