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Facebook Oz (オズ), stylized -OZ-, is a visual kei rock band from Japan, formed in October 2004. -OZ- is signed to Loop Ash and CLJ Records. They have released two studio albums, Versus and Rouge, and DVDs, singles and maxi singles. In January 2011, they were scheduled to embark on their first European tour.

-OZ- combines a racing, metal sound with whimsical, supernatural images, exploring the concept of "beauty and degeneracy". Though their original sound was heavy and slower, occasionally even dreary, the band redirected their energies toward drawing in the crowds at lives. Now Tama's compositions have a sprinting, driven feel and more optimistic melodies in addition to lyricist and frontman Natsuki's hellish death vocals. Their dynamic performances create an explosive energy and heat, and they have re-established themselves as a stormy force in the visual scene.
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