You see those flats right there? That used to be my pub
But lost out in the slaughter of the gentry revolution.
Rolls of 4x4's are knocking down our doors.
Come down and put the kettle on, nawt to see round 'ere.

T.W.i.N.S - Republic of Banana lyrics meaning


T.W.i.N.S's official lyric explanation

I hate to say it but this song is quite terribly East London-centric. I think it’s something that is happening to the rest of the UK slowly, but I think it’s just because we’re both from East London and we’ve seen it change so much.

The area where I live there’s a bit of a Chelsea invasion going on, really, and there are rolls of 4x4s coming in and taking over the joint.

Yeah, those are the people we’re talking about really.

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